Custom framing.

Custom framing is and can be a lot more than just putting a picture in a frame. Looking to frame a print or painting and the store-bought frames aren’t doing t for you. Need to frame important documents like a wedding certificate or ketubah.  Looking to preserve old family photos but are worried that sunlight will fade them over time.  A Custom framing store Is what you are looking for.

Custom framing stores like Décor Art Gallery provide amazing Custom framing services but that’s not all.  Say you have a file you want printed framed and put on your wall. They have got you covered. Décor Art Gallery skillfully provides printing, Custom framing, installation, and acrylic face mounting services.

Custom framing is not only about the frame as one might think. The glass used is very important, it is what protects from scratching dust and UV light. Most people would think that they just take some glass and put it in a nice frame. In reality, it is an important choice. There are several types of glass: Basic, styrene, Conservation clear, conservation reflection control, and museum glass.

Types of glass

Basic glass is the most common type of glass one will find. Seen in retail and online Custom framing stores. This type of glass only protects against scratching, and dust.

Styrene glass is fairly common thanks to its light weight, resistance to shattering, and cost. It is the most cost-effective non-glass facing available, but like basic glass only protects from scratches and dust.

Conservation clear glass offers the highest level of UV protection. Blocking up to 99% of UV light this glass protects against fading over time. The protection does not fade over time and the coating is baked in to the glass.

Conservation reflection control is very similar to, conservation glass with the added glare protection. This glass has a matte like finish that scatters light minimizing glare.

Museum glass is the best option for art with almost no glare. Additionally, it enhances colors and contrast levels will preventing fading.