Fine art printing.

Why go to a art gallery for Fine art printing? Would it be cheaper to go to a place like Kinkos or staples? What’s the difference in these places when looking to print a large image for your home or corporate office? Several different things come to mind when thinking about these questions.

The most important thing to think about with Fine art printing is the paper quality. There are several very different types of paper for Fine art printing.

photo rag paper

One type of paper for Fine art printing is called photo rag paper. Photo Rag paper is the most popular paper choice among photographers to create superior quality art prints. The fine, sensual, and smooth surface of Photo Rag® paper is very versatile and will bring out stunning pictoral depth in both black and white and color photographs. Your image or art reproduction will look and feel as realistic as the moment it was created. More so, this 100% cotton rag paper has heavy weight which ensures your prints will last.\

torchon paper

Another type of paper is torchon paper. Deriving from the French and meaning “coarse structure,” the term “torchon” perfectly describes the special and unique surface of torchon paper. This bright white paper with a special surface texture can perfectly capture the original beauty of a dated picture, keeping your photos and artwork timeless. Torchon paper will bring out the character and three dimensionality in a beautiful way.

The next type of paper for Fine art printing is Photo Silk Baryta Paper. Photo Silk Baryta is a white, silk gloss baryta paper that products extraordinary image results. It gives a similar impression of traditional silver halide photo paper, and its unique barium coating ensures a breathtaking image result with a large color range, smooth whites, and deep velvety blacks. All color is of high density and brilliance to provide extremely sharpness, clarity, and vividness. Photo Silk Baryta paper is ultimately perfect for printing deep brilliant colors for high resolution images.

Photo Silk Baryta Paper

Another type of paper is German Etching paper. This superb mould made paper is a top choice for intaglio, etching, lithography, and drawing. Long coveted by European houses of nobility, German Etching® – a white, 100% alpha-cellulose paper – is distinguished by the highest standards of craftmanship. A mould made paper, German Etching® features a distinct textured surface with a handmade quality.

Bamboo paper

The last type I will talk about is Bamboo paper. The world’s first digital fine art inkjet paper made from bamboo fibers, this paper represents spirituality, naturalism, and environmentalism while giving your work a beautiful finish. It is particularly complimentary to warm-tone color and monochrome prints. All combined, it beautifully highlights the sensuality of images.